The game of holdem poker is much harder than most people think, and has become popular only seven years ago.

Here is an overview of the factors that make Holdem so difficult to master:

* It is a game of imperfect information, unlike chess where you can see your opponent’s game.

* Your opponents can represent a hand they don’t have by betting into the pot.

* The game is rooted in probabilities and you should be well versed in odds.

* A lot of players are receiving lessons or work with experienced poker tutors to better their games.

* Daniel Negreanu’s “Power Holdem” book provided novice players with a step by step recipe for success.

In light of these difficulties, how can an amateur find the path to becoming a champion ?

You should start off by applying all of the advice listed below:

* Only get into the pot with a small percentage of starter hands.

* You should be last to act when you get into the pot.

* Discipline yourself to play only when you can bring your A-Game to your table.

* Don’t commit too many chips when you have a top pair marginal kicker.

Taking all this knowledge to the poker table is only an internet connection away.

If you are just starting out, then it is highly recommended that you partake in an online training community, such as BlueFirePoker which is run with integrity by Phil Galfond.

Reading the blogs of champion poker players can also be an enlightening experience for the amateur poker player.

Just because we want the best for you, we decided to share two previously kept secret tips:

* Use Datamining software to gather and study hands played by your opponents.

* Play an aggressive and volatile style of poker that makes your opponents fold a significant amount of times.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, we predict only good things at the poker table !